Our series of project-based hands-on programmes knit seamlessly into the New Zealand school curriculum. Designed to spark wonder in young Kiwis from Year 5–13, our learning experiences make STEM super fun and engaging, and get students excited about a future STEM career.

Our challenges deliver scaffolded learning and sustained engagement with STEM over a school term. Teachers are supported with detailed lesson plans, teaching material and resources, a free challenge kit, and where possible a volunteer industry ambassador to help them in areas they may not feel so confident.

All our programmes are free, thanks to our funding partners, and open to any school in New Zealand. We design everything to be accessible for students across Aotearoa from all sorts of backgrounds, and want to help bridge the gap of women, Māori and Pasifika working in STEM fields.


RocketChallenge_web tile.png Level 3, Year 5–6

Rocket Challenge

Houston, we have lift off! Students blast off into STEM by designing, building and launching a water rocket. They’ll learn about Newton’s laws, the engineering design process, and working as a team.

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Wonder-Project_Web-banners_Power-Challenge.jpg Level 4, Year 7–8

Power Challenge

Power up! Students design and build a wind turbine and work as a team to light up their own mini town. Along the way they discover the amazing phenomena of electricity and renewable energy.

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Wonder-Project_Web-banners_Plant-Challenge.jpg Level 4, Year 7–8

Plant Challenge

Let’s grow! Students work together to experiment, test and build a microgreen farm of the future. They'll learn what plants need to grow, build a hydroponic grow house and use technology to measure their success.

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How our challenges work

  • 1
    Register your interest online
  • 2
    Complete easy online training
  • 3
    Get matched with a class or STEM professional
  • 4
    Receive free challenge resources
  • 5
    Inspire students with the Wonder Project

Other offerings

Wonder-Project_Web-banners_STEM-Careers.jpg Year 7–13

STEM Careers

The future is bright! Students are inspired to keep taking STEM subjects, and given a taste of the real world with industry visits and motivating career talks from STEM professionals.

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Wonder-Project_Web-banners_Shop.jpg All ages

Shop resources

Keep the learning going! Support young Kiwis with our all-ages A–Z book on engineering concepts and free STEM career pathway information.

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