Wonder Project

I wonder how we ignite ingenuity in Kiwi kids?

Spark curiosity in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) through the Wonder Project’s three hands-on programmes.

Welcome to the Wonder Project

The Wonder Project is here to get the next generation excited about a career in science, technology, engineering and maths. It’s about sparking wonder in STEM from a young age, building confidence, and having all young Kiwis believing they can achieve remarkable things.

There are three amazing Wonder Project programmes – something to suit kids from Year 5–13. Each programme knits into the school curriculum and is supported by passionate industry professionals who mentor students alongside their teacher. We call this amazing team our Wonder Project Ambassadors.

I wonder how to make a rocket fly?

Rocket Challenge

Year 5–8

Blast off! Students design, build, refine and launch a water rocket with the help of their teacher and one of our amazing Wonder Project Ambassadors.

Launching: April 2019

I wonder how to solve that problem?

Community Challenge

Year 7–10

Students are tasked with solving a community issue using innovation and their own genius, reaching a sustainable solution. From climate change and clean waterways to global hunger – what STEM innovations will change the world?

Launching: Late 2019

I wonder what my future looks like?

STEM Careers

Year 10–13

Senior students are exposed to the boundless job opportunities in STEM. Expect talks, industry events, and school visits from Wonder Project Ambassadors who’ll share their real-world experiences to inspire the next generation.

Launching: Early 2019

Help us spark wonder in 2019

If you’re a passionate teacher or STEM industry professional, it only takes a bit of your time to inspire a student for life, get involved and ignite wonder!